We produce high quality sustainable garlic from field to your plates.

In these days when our natural resources are rapidly consumed, one of our biggest goals is to be able to integrate all stages of sustainability with its environmental, social and economic dimensions into the DNA of AJÓ 37400. As AJÓ 37400, we believe that clean production is important, not just production. For this reason, we reduce our carbon footprint and always aim for sustainable production.


Our products do not contain any additives, preservatives, colorants or chemicals. From production to packaging, we are constantly working on ways to be more environmentally friendly and have biodegradable packages, while ensuring that whenever possible, we reuse, recycle or dispose of untreated waste with appropriate methods.


We consider social, economic and ecological sustainability and take steps that will positively affect economic development, human life and environmental balance in the interaction of these dynamics with each other. While AJÓ 37400 provides added value to its country for a clean future, it has a production process that does not danger human health. It is one of our greatest values ​​to add value to our employees and society with the awareness of their social responsibilities.


Flavor is at the heart of what we do. Our priority is to preserve the natural flavor of garlic and to offer the vitamins and minerals in it in the freshest way possible. AJÓ 37400 has made it a passion to appeal to both health and the palate with its natural and high nutritional value garlic.

Carbon footprint

We prevent the emission of 10,000 tons of CO2 in a year. That’s the equivalent of 115 672 car trips from Istanbul to Ankara. We saved 115 672 car trips.

We offset emissions

Our production facility is carbon neutral and 98% of our waste is recycled. Even our waste garlic is used to produce black garlic powder.

We prevent food waste with upcycling

While one out of every 7 people in the world is fighting hunger, enough food is wasted to feed 3 billion people a year. Moreover, 50% of this waste consists of fruits and vegetables. Food waste negatively affects both the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability. Waste foods, which we think will rot and turn into fertilizer, cause global warming with the methane gas they produce during intense decay and affect climate change negatively. At the same time, a large amount of water is used to produce food, and 24% of this water goes to waste along with food waste.

As AJÓ 37400, one of our main principles has been to prevent food waste, protect nature, and also contribute to upcycling. For this reason, while producing AJÓ 37400 garlic, we keep our organic raw Taşköprü garlics in our special ovens at a certain temperature and humidity for up to 60 days. As a result of this natural reaction, we choose the most beautiful and high-quality garlics that turn black, we pack them carefully and deliver them to your home. In order to consume what nature offers us without wasting, we use the garlic that we cannot use by turning it into garlic powder instead of wasting it. As AJÓ 37400, we value nature and are constantly working to develop better production methods. We do our best to raise the awareness of our consumers, whom we always aim to offer the highest quality products. If you, our consumers, want to prevent this waste, you can keep the fruit and vegetable wastes separately from your other wastes, or you can make puree with the fruit and vegetable wastes you have separated and add them to the soil to act as fertilizer in the soil of your flowers.