PREMIUM Black garlic, the source of long life from the fertile lands of Taşköprü. PREMIUM Grown without use of additives and colorants. PREMIUM We offer you the Taşköprü garlic, which has thousands of years of genetics.

The source of long life from the fertile lands…

Our friendship with garlic, a centuries-old cure that has witnessed the history of humanity, begins in the Taşköprü district of Kastamonu. AJÓ 37400 is inspired by the fertile soil of Taşköprü and the black garlic, which is called the source of long life.

Why AJÓ 37400?

Today, Taşköprü garlic produced in Turkey is registered by Turkey and the European Union.

AJÓ 37400 garlic is produced in our production facility in Taşköprü, which has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System certificates.

Today, Taşköprü garlic produced in Turkey has been registered by Turkey and the European Union and is accepted as a trademark.

How Is Black Garlic Made?

In the first stage, first-class white garlic is carefully selected.
It is expertly aged with nothing but heat and humidity over a long period of time.
In the end, appetizing and delicious black garlic is obtained.

AJÓ 37400 Black garlic is produced as a result of keeping raw garlic for 60 days at a certain temperature and humidity. Although this process is confused with fermentation, it is actually the Maillard Reaction. During the reaction, changes in amino acids and sugars change the taste, color and odor of black garlic. It is this reaction that gives black garlic its rich, pungent and flavorful flavor. White garlic has an intense odor due to the Allicin substance it contains. During the Maillard Reaction, allicin is converted to S-alicysteine ​​cysteine ​​(SAC). While the antioxidant level it contains increases, it also does not cause the same intense odor in black garlic. We use only high quality Taşköprü garlic in our production. We pack our completely natural garlic without using any additives or chemicals and send it to your address.